Rent, Try, Buy

Renting or leasing equipment from IFMonline can often be a great option. Not just for new businesses but for established ones as well.

Renting or leasing means you pay nothing up front, you have easy and predictable monthly expenses, we handle maintenance and there are substantial tax benefits as well. You also have more options and flexibility than purchasing outright as you can upgrade or add more equipment as you need it.

Renting or leasing means not paying up front on the day you open for something that may not meet your needs in six months time.

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Silver Chef is an Australian owned and operated company that has been helping Australian retail food businesses to grow and prosper since 1986. With this programme you can rent the equipment you need rather than purchasing it outright (you can cover the rental on a pizza oven by selling just three pizzas a week!). You can also purchase the equipment at any time.

You can upgrade your equipment as your business grows. You can also add extra equipment as you need it. As you continue to rent the purchase price reduces. The longer you rent – the cheaper the equipment becomes to buy.

Silver Chef can be used to finance new and reconditioned equipment and even custom made equipment.

Payments are totally tax deductible and because this is “off balance sheet funding” it has zero effect on your ability to borrow.*

Rent, Try, Buy gives you the flexibility to upgrade or add more equipment as you grow, preserves your cash flow and if things don’t go to plan, you can return the equipment after the first 12 months with no penalties.

If things do go to plan you can purchase the equipment any time you like. Or just continue to rent. After 36 months the equipment is yours!

*(We do not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. Consult your tax advisor for details).

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