FM-PD90-135G Frymax Oil Filter Powder 90 ?? 135g Satchels


Frymax Oil Filter Powder
90 ?? 135g Satchels
Crispy & golden brown on the outside. Tender & succulent on the inside. An aroma & look that people love. How can you get it every time?
Using Frymax Oil Filter Powder extends oil life significantly
With regular oil filtering & Frymax Oil Filter Powder products cook faster, oil lasts longer & taste is improved.
??? Price of edible oil has risen substantially in recent years.
??? By using Oil Filter Powder you can save you up to 66% on your oil costs.
??? Filtering alone will only remove the solid lumps from the oil
??? A sticky residue remains that is made up of polarised free fatty acids.
??? Oil Filter Powder adsorbs the fatty acids changing them into solid particles which are easily removed by the filtering process.
??? Oil Filter Powder can extend the life of your oil significantly

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