Electric Conveyor Dishwasher Left Entrance

Size: 1180mm x 1560mm

Electric Conveyor Dishwasher Left Entrance – CCO-120ICW

  • All the main parts are manufactured in AISI-304 anti-corrosion stainless steel: tanks, washing and rinsing arms, rinsing jets, doors, basket conveyance system, boiler and metal tubes.
  • Upwards-opening double panel door.
  • Tank tray filters made of AISI-304 stainless steel, easy to access and remove for cleaning and access to the tank.
  • Safety filter for pump suction.
  • Rinsing boiler with heat insulation.
  • Easy access for installation. Electrovalve located on one side (no need to remove panels to connect the machine).
  • Electrical panel designed for easy connection of dosers for liquid and solid detergents, rinse aid, limit switches, supplementary emergency stop button.
  • Washing arms easily removable as a set, for cleaning, with a plug on each branch providing access for cleaning inside.
  • Rinse jets easily dismountable and removable.
  • System of electronic regulation of speeds by means of frequency shifter.
  • Configurable electronic temperature control:

    – Wash (50 – 65 °C)

    – Rinse (70 – 85 °C)

  • Guarantor of rinse at 85 °C.
  • Pressure regulator for flow control.
  • Emergency stop button incorporated.
  • Extra anti-entrapment protection system at the entrance, mounted on the AS-260 splash guard supplement (optional).
  • Open door blocking system.
  • IPX4 protection system.
  • System for detection of blockage of conveyor carriage and automatic reverse function.
  • High-power washing system with 4 upper and 4 lower washing branches.
  • 3 washing programs: deep, medium and high capacity.
  • Double effect rinse.
  • Energy-saving system: reduces consumption by halting operation of the pumps, and by passing the heating of the rinse to stand-by mode  (70 °C)
  • Auto-timer which deactivates the conveyor motor after a pre-set period of inactivity (10 minutes).
  • Energy saving system in the wash: the wash does not start up until it

    detects the passage of the basket.

  • Rinse saving system. The rinse stops when the basket has left, saving water and energy.
  • Model prepared for entrance of baskets from the left side.
  • Model prepared for a cold water connection inlet (Inlet temperature < 50ºC)
  • Equipment included:

    2 base baskets, CT-10

    2 baskets for plates CP-16/18, 1 basket for

    glasses CV-16/105, 1 basket for cutlery CT-10 R

    Limit switch included.

$27,290.00 AUD Excl. GST

$30,019.00 AUD Incl. GST

$49.48 Per Day AUD Excl. GST

$54.43 Per Day AUD Incl. GST

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