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The XLT-3870-TS-E uses vertical streams of hot air from 3 pairs of tapered ducts blowing directly on a stainless conveyor belt. These ducts are configurable and adjustable. This cooks your product evenly and quickly. The cook times are adjusted digitally by the conveyor and temperature controls.


• The XLT-3870-TS-E is available in three configurations, the single, the double, and the      triple stack models.

• The optional front sandwich door is provided to load or unload product for different cook times.

• Both exterior AND INTERIOR exposed surfaces are made of easy cleaning stainless steel.

• XLT™ ovens are manufactured with pride in the USA under stringent quality standards.

• Replacement parts are readily available nationwide (Grainger®) at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

• The large removable front panel allows for easy access to oven interior, making cleaning much easier than our competitors’ ovens of the same size.

• All XLT™ ovens are 100% factory tested with a minimum 4-hour burn-in time.

• The conveyors can be set up to move either right-to-left or left-to-right.

The XLT™ ovens are an improved combustion flue-less design and are more efficient than comparable ovens. All ducts, crumb trays, and the conveyor are readily removable for easy cleaning. An overhead ventilation hood is required. The gas connections require a licensed plumber. All fuses are EXTERNALLY panel-mounted allowing easy troubleshooting.



Voltage (AC)




Single Oven








Natural Gas Requirements: Burner Capacity

KW (Max)

Gas Supply Pressure


Min. Gas Pipe Size


Single Oven





General Information:

 Belt Width

Bake Time Range*

Max Temperature

Conveyor Opening

Height (Max)

Ship Weight

Per Oven

965 mm

4 min –10 min


76 mm

635 kg

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