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  • Designed specifically for countertop equipment
  • Unique ductless design using three-way filtering system including
    stainless steel baffle, polyester & activated carbon filters to provide clean,
    safe & odour controlled discharge over suitable countertop equipment
  • Includes fluorescent lighting and variable speed fan
  • Suitable for gas appliances up to 29mj and electric appliances up to 8kw
  • 1.2mm stainless steel construction, 304 satin finish
  • Manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel
    WCHD750 draws 650/700 m3/hr through the filters


•    0.4 Kw : 10 Amp plug and lead
•    Overall product dimensions: 750 x 700 x 1150
•    Required safe operating space:
•    Overall packed dimensions: 800 x 700 x 1270
•    Overall packed weight: 70kg
•    WCHD750 draws 650/700 m3/hr through the filters
•    Exhaust Fan draws 295 litres per sec

Appendix 1 – Australian Warranty and Importer/Distributor Contact Details

As the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Woodson products in Australia, Stoddart

Manufacturing (Stoddart) would like to congratulate you on your purchase of a Woodson product.

It should be noted by users of the product that it is not designed for household
or domestic use and should not be used for this purpose. This product is intended
for commercial use, and in line with Australian electrical safety standards the following
warnings are provided:

•This product is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced
physical,sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge,
unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of
the product by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the product.

•Users should also note that if the supply electricity cord is damaged in any way
it should be replaced. Please contact Stoddart for parts and we will advise how
to do this in order to avoid any electrical hazard.

Australian Warranty Policy & Procedure

Stoddart is committed to providing a comprehensive and fair warranty
for all of its equipment.
The warranty incorporates a commercial manufacturers’ warranty,
together with the consumer warranty provisions of the National
Consumer Protection Act (2009).

1. Commercial Warranty

1.1 Stoddart warrants to the original purchaser ("Customer") of
equipment manufactured or distributed by Stoddart that for 12 months
from the date of installation of the equipment by Customer (the “Warranty Period”),
any defect in workmanship or material will, subject to clauses 1.2 and 3, be:

a) Repaired without charge; or

b) In respect of any Major Failure which cannot be repaired,
replaced or the purchase money refunded.

1.2 Stoddart will not be liable for any associated loss, damage or compensation
claim resulting from any defect in workmanship or material, and such liability
is expressly excluded from the operation of clause 1.1.

2. Consumer Warranty

2.1 Subject to clause 3, equipment supplied by Stoddart to Customer for personal,
domestic or household use or consumption comes with guarantees that cannot
be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. Customer is entitled to a
replacement or refund for a Major Failure and compensation for any other reasonably
foreseeable loss or damage. Customer is entitled to have the equipment repaired,
or replace d if the equipment fails to be of an Acceptable Quality and that failure
does not amount to a Major Failure.

3. Warranty Clarification

3.1 Customer acknowledges and agrees:

(i) A Major Failure occurs when the equipment suffers repeated and/or unexpected
failure that cannot be repaired to Stoddart's satisfaction (acting reasonably)
or which Stoddart considers (acting reasonably) renders the equipment
unsafe or inoperable;

(ii) Stoddart can only warrant the equipment will be of an Acceptable Quality
when Customer uses the equipment in accordance with Stoddart's
manufacturer's instructions or user manual ("Instructions").
Acceptable Quality does not imply a lifetime guarantee for the equipment;

(iii) Certain components have a finite expected life, especially in a commercial
or high-use environment. For example components such as refrigeration compressors,
elements,thermostats/simmerstats, switches, fans, and temperature controllers can
be expected to last up to 12 months when used in accordance with the instructions;

(iv) In a commercial environment, components such a s lamps, fluorescent tubes,
light bulbs, glass,silicone seals, gaskets and plastic components will require regular
replacement. This is not covered by warranty and is at Customer's cost.;

(v) The life of equipment may be adversely affected by misuse, neglect,
unauthorised alteration,incorrect installation, power surges, accident, use of
inappropriate chemicals, flooding, and acts of God;

(vi) Proper maintenance and cleaning of equipment in accordance with the
Instructions is essential to the equipment's effective operation;

(vii) On site warranty services are limited to site s within 50km from the nearest
Stoddart authorised service agent and service agent's reasonable travel costs
must be paid by Customer prior to the commencement of the repairs;

(viii) Additional labour costs will apply for service outside standard business hours
of 8.00am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday and on public holidays;

(ix) Stoddart cannot guarantee the performance of equipment made specifically
to Customer's design or specifications. Stoddart will, where reasonably possible,
draw any issues arising from Customer's design or specifications to Customer's
attention during the commissioning and/or manufacturing process; and

(x) Customer must pay additional costs incurred by Stoddart as a result of
Customer failing to provide suitable access to the equipment for inspection
and service.

3.2 Stoddart's warranty liability under clauses 1 and 2 of these Terms exclude
or do not cover:

a) The matters acknowledged by Customer in clause 3.1;

b) Situations where Stoddart is not satisfied (acting reasonably) the equipment
or any part of the equipment has been used in accordance with the Instructions
including misuse, neglect, unauthorised alteration, incorrect installation,
power surges, accident, use of inappropriate chemicals, flooding, fire or act of God;

c) Any consequential loss, damage or expense arising directly or indirectly
from use of the equipment otherwise than in accordance with the Instructions;

d) Any damage or malfunction arising from, or relating to, Customer's failure
to properly maintain or clean the equipment in accordance with the Instructions;

e) Damage caused to equipment during transportation , which is outside Stoddart's
standard delivery conditions.

f) Breakage or replacement of lamps, fluorescent tubes, light bulbs, glass,
silicone seals, gaskets and plastic components.;

g) Maintenance, repair or other works not undertaken by a Stoddart authorised
service agent

h) Where remote refrigeration is connected by a person other than Stoddart
to equipment produced by Stoddart, Stoddart cannot accept claims for repair
of TX valves and control components, as the fault may arise from the installation
of the remote refrigeration lines,equipment, and gas, by a party over which Stoddart
has no control.

i) Transportation costs associated with transporting the equipment to a Stoddart
authorised service agent where Stoddart considers (acting reasonably) that repairs
cannot be undertaken on-site; and

j) Unless agreed to by Stoddart in writing to the contrary, warranty is not included
in the sale price for goods sold to or installed in an overseas location.

4. Warranty Claim Procedure

The following procedure must be followed to claim under Stoddart's warranties:

a) Refer to the trouble-shooting section of the Instructions to establish the
nature of the fault.Check the equipment is plugged-in, turned-on or has no
other valid reason for not operating.

b) If step (a) does not overcome the issue, you should report the fault with
the equipment to our service department (phone 1300 307 289 or fax 07 3344 6166).
Our service department will assist you with further trouble-shooting.
If our service department is unable to resolve the fault with the equipment they
will request you complete a Stoddart Warranty Request Form and fax
(fax 07 3344 6166) or email (service@stoddart.com.au) it to us.

c) To complete a Stoddart Warranty Request Form you will require the following information:

i. Proof of purchase stating model number and date of purchase;

ii. The serial number of the equipment (this is located on the ratings plate sticker);

iii. A description of the fault/problem;

iv. Your company details including the exact location of the equipment; and

v. Any restrictions on times or methods of access to the equipment.

Stoddart will not arrange a warranty call out until it receives the above information from you

in writing.

d) Upon receipt of a properly completed Stoddart Warranty Request Form, Stoddart will check

its records to confirm whether the equipment is eligible for warranty repair. If warranty repair

is required, Stoddart will issue an OFFICIAL AUTHORISATION NUMBER and details of

work to be carried out by a Stoddart authorised service agent. This authorisation number

MUST be obtained before any work is carried out. Stoddart will not accept invoices for work

carried out without an official authorisation number or by an unauthorised service agent.

e) Customer must quote the official authorisation number on all correspondence and invoices

relating to a warranty claim to ensure prompt processing by Stoddart.

f) Customer must pay all costs associated with a call-out for work that is not related to warranty

repairs or outside Stoddart's Terms immediately.

5. Timing of Warranty Services

5.1 Stoddart will comply with its warranty liabilities contained in these Terms in a timely manner

6. General Maintenance and Repairs

6.1 The equipment must be repaired and maintained by a qualified technician. Stoddart's

authorised service agents are experienced technicians who understand the equipment and carry

commonly used spare parts. Contact Stoddart's national service number listed below for details

of your nearest Stoddart authorised service agent.

For Warranty, maintenance, spare parts and repairs,contact:

Tel: 1300 307 289 Fax: 07 3344 6166 email:


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