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Using significantly less energy to run, these low impact cabinets deliver greater performance, efficiency and reliability, as well as improving your bottom line and your impact on the environment.

Features & Benefits:

  • Flat light box, illuminated with energy efficient T5 light for increased branding.
  • Upgraded refrigeration system for significantly improved energy efficiency, performance and noise reduction.
  • Standard SKOPE Cyclone refrigeration system.
  • Contemporary new look cabinets for stylish product display.
  • Energy efficient T5 lighting.
  • Customer selectable power saving modes to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Product Details

Model: SK500-3
Integral/Remote: Integral
Chiller/Freezer: Chiller
Gross Volume: 445 litres
Total Shelf Area: 1.27 m2 (including floor)
Floor Area: 0.4 m2
Operating Temperature: +1°C to +4°C in 43°C ambient

Dimensions (mm):








2 Year Warranty

At SKOPE we stand behind our products because we know they are the best, and we encourage you to enjoy the increased performance and reliability of a new SKOPE cabinet backed by our superior warranty programme for complete peace of mind.

Warranty coverage

Food Services

Pegasus Series

2 year warranty


Centaur Series

1 year warranty


Irinox Series

2 year warranty


MISA Series

1 year warranty

General Purpose

SK Series

2 year warranty


TME Series

2 year warranty


B Series

2 year warranty


Serene Series

1 year warranty


Counterline Series

2 year warranty


Backbar Series

2 year warranty


Food Display Series

2 year warranty


Glass Chiller Series

2 year warranty

Convenience Store

Open Deck Series

2 year warranty


Yarra Series

2 year warranty


Customised Models

1 year warranty

Extended warranty programme

We design your SKOPE cabinets to provide many years of uninterrupted performance. However, even SKOPE products are subject to the rigours of time. That’s why we offer an extended warranty programme for added piece of mind. For cabinets in demanding environments and therefore require higher levels of servicing an extended warranty is advised. Please advise your dealer at time of purchase whether you require an extended warranty.

All cabinet warranties are eligible for a 1 year extension at the time of purchase or cabinet registration. A SKOPE 1 year Warranty Extension costs:



SKOPE Chiller

AUD$190 (+gst)

SKOPE Freezer/Pizza/Preparation

AUD$250 (+gst)

Cabinet warranty terms

Click here to download the AU Refrigeration cabinet warranty terms.

 If you have any questions about the availiablity of an item, please contact one of our friendly team on 1300 436 665 or use our Live Chat tab below.