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Robotcoupe Blixer 15

Brand: Robot Coupe
Model: Blixer 15
Key Features: Power 3000 Watts

Was, $10,400.00 $9,455.00 +gst


See-through lid to monitor processing from start to finish. Dishwasher-safe.

Possibility of adding liquid or solid ingredients while Blixer is running.

Central bowl locking system for easy assembly.

Quick and easy lid attachment and removal.


New bowl handle design for an even better grip.

Handle at the back of the machine easier to move machine around.

Lid fitted with a seal so that it is totally leakproof.


Stainless-steel, bowl-base blade assembly featuring new patented micro-serrated blade profile (exclusive to Robot-Coupe). Chops ingredients to an ultra-fine, homogeneous consistency and ensures optimum cutting quality every time.

Tall bowl shaft for processing liquid ingredients.

Easily detachable lid and bowl scraper system.


Extremely powerful induction motor designed to withstand intensive use, thus ensuring a high level of reliability and a longer lifespan.


All the parts can easily be removed, making the machine simpler to clean.

Flat, easy-clean motor base.

Power 3000 Watts
Voltage 3-phase
Speed(s) 1500 3000 rpm
Bowl capacity 15 litres
Number of pureed food covers From 3 to 10 Kg per operation


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