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Roband quartz heat lamp assemblies are manufactured from an
exclusive extruded anodized aluminium section, specifically designed
to breathe.

For use in either front or back of house, these units come fitted with quartz halogen globes engineered to give a balance of heat and light. These globes have a unique screw-mounted tail connection that prevents terminal corrosion and hot joints, thus increasing globe longevity.

All units are fitted with toughened safety glass covers over each light. They also feature a simple mounting system and come complete with an isolating switch and 10 amp plug and cord.

Standard Models
The standard heat lamps (e.g. HQ450) come with a control box that houses the isolating on/off switch. They also feature a simple mounting system and come complete with a 10 Amp plug and cord.

Fabricator Models
The lamps are also available without the control box and on/off switch (e.g. HUQ375) so they can be connected to a remote switch setup. The removal of the control box shortens the length of the lamp assembly accordingly. These HUQ models come with the standard mounting mechanism, or can be ordered with your choice of square or round 19 mm (outside dimension) tubular mount. (Tube not supplied)

Anodized aluminium body designed to breathe
Designed to give a balance of heat and light
Quartz halogen globes
Toughened safety glass covers
Simple mounting system 

Model Details - Without Control Box: (A, N & E wire in PTFE 1500 mm length for installation and remote control)

Model Number



Elec Con.


Lamp Centres



4 lamps in 1425 mm body

1400 Watts

10 Amps




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