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Hot-air steamer (combi-steamer mode) conforming to DIN 18866 for most of the cooking methods used in commercial kitchens for the optional use of steam and hot air, individually, in succession or in combination.


The new CombiMaster® Plus offers mature technology and supports the craftsman’s skills of the individual chef. It is rugged, easy to operate and offers enticing functions that ensure the highest possible food quality every time.

Cooking Performance

The CombiMaster® Plus sets new standards not just in terms of cost/benefit analysis, but also with respect to effective performance:

The energy supplied to the food is metered exactly, and can be extremely powerful if required. The sensitive measuring and control central functions ensure a uniform cooking cabinet climate that can be matched individually to the food. Thus challenging and sophisticated products such as pan-fries, gratins or grilled food are always successful, even when the unit is fully utilised. This applies rack after rack, piece after piece and portion after portion. This is the difference that your guests will see, taste and enjoy.

Pure, hygienic fresh steam


The powerful fresh steam generator with its new, efficient steam control combines the benefits of cooking in water (specifically in maximum humidity) with those of more gentle steaming. Minimal heating times, intense colours and appetising flavours. Not to mention the retention of vitamins and minerals. Constant steam temperatures at all times and maximum steam saturation guarantee the best food quality. The new steam control ensures that the hygienic fresh steam flows around the food constantly and gently. Not even the most sensitive products will dry out.

Highly effective cooking cabinet humidification


The new, active cooking cabinet humidification quickly and reliably takes effect, whatever the circumstances. This ensures crunchy crackling, crispy breaded coatings and succulent roasts – even with large quantities.

Dynamic air mixing


The new, patented dynamic air mixing combined with the flow-optimised shape of the cooking cabinet ensures that the heat is optimally distributed in the cooking cabinet and is used exactly where it is needed. The food is cooked uniformly – from the first rack to the very last.

Cooking Modes

The CombiMaster® Plus is truly multitalented, and will quickly become the indispensable helper in your kitchen. It has a very modest footprint. What used to need lots of space, work and multiple cooking appliances can now be done with just a single unit in less than 1 m².

Steam cooking mode from 30 °C to 130 °C


The high performance fresh steam generator with new steam control always produces hygienic fresh steam. You can cook without adding water and without waiting for the water to boil. The constant cooking cabinet temperature and the maximum steam saturation guarantee a uniform and very gentle cooking process, and thus the best food quality. Appetising colours, bite and retained nutrients and vitamins are guaranteed, particularly for vegetables.

Even sensitive food such as crème caramel, quiches, fine fish or mousselines will succeed with minimal effort – even in large quantities.

Hot air cooking mode from 30 °C to 300 °C


The hot air circulated at high speed flows around the food from all sides. The meat protein sets immediately, so it remains wonderfully succulent on the inside. Constant hot air at up to 300 °C is not simply a technical detail; the necessary reserve power is there even for full loads. This is the only way to guarantee succulent, browned pan fries, frozen convenience foods such as calamari, croquettes, spring rolls and chicken wings, or soft bakery products.

Combination cooking mode from 30 °C to 300 °C


Combination mode marries all the benefits of the hot steam, such as short cooking time, minimal cooking losses, succulence, with the advantages of hot air, which is responsible for creating the intense aroma, appetising colour and crunchy crackling. In this way you will avoid up to 50 % of the normal cooking losses, without turning the food and with considerably shorter cooking times.



Finishing® means the intentional disconnection of production and serving. From side dishes through to the complete menu, with the optimum climate you will heat the food you prepared to perfection in the CombiMaster® Plus and then chilled up to serving temperature very quickly - whether it is on trays, plates or in containers. You gain flexibility, and your guests enjoy the experience more as the food is no longer kept hot for long periods, thus losing quality.

5 air speeds


The CombiMaster® Plus has just the right air speed for every food – from the most sensitive through to more robust dishes. Even soufflés, éclairs or biscuits are child's play.


Regulating the humidity by basting and adding liquid, by fitting or removing covers, always had a huge effect on the success of a dish.
Regulating the humidity by basting and adding liquid, by fitting or removing covers, always had a huge effect on the success of a dish.

Controlling humidity requires attention and time, and lots of experience and instinctive responses. Today these laborious procedures can be omitted because the measuring and control centre in the CombiMaster® Plus always maintains the humidity in the cooking cabinet precisely within the ideal range. ClimaPlus® translates the experience gained from kitchen practice into intelligent and totally easy to use, state of the art technology that guarantees the best food quality every time.

ClimaPlus® –Active climate management in the cooking cabinet
Sensors constantly measure the humidity in the cooking cabinet and adjust it fully automatically according to your settings. Humidity is supplied or removed from the cooking cabinet as required. There is no longer any need for time consuming activities such as basting or adding liquid.

  • ClimaPlus® can be used both manually and in cooking programs, of course, you can also change the humidity during the cooking sequence if your experience shows that it is necessary.


You will be able to use the CombiMaster® Plus effortlessly right from the start as it is so self-explanatory. The simple, informative symbols are clearly arranged and the proven rotary knob makes it easier to make accurate settings.

Self-explanatory symbols

You will be able to use the CombiMaster® Plus effortlessly right from the start as it is so self-explanatory. The simple, informative symbols are clearly arranged and the proven rotary knob makes it easier to make accurate settings.

Individually programmable

There are up to 50 program slots, each with up to 6 steps, for automating individual cooking sequences. This will allow you to carry out cooking sequences with multiple steps easily at the push of a button.

Hygienic cleanliness at the push of a button

The RATIONAL CombiMaster® Plus can be cleaned with minimal intervention. You simply spray the cooking cabinet with RATIONAL cleaner and start the cleaning program. Ideally you should then rinse the cooking cabinet using the optional hand shower. And that’s it. Even stubborn dirt has no chance.

Specifications - Electric and Gas

Capacity 20 x 1/1 GN
Number of meals per day 150-300
Lengthwise loading 1/1, 1/2, 2/3, 1/3, 2/8 GN
Width 877 mm
Depth 842 mm
Height 1.782 mm
Water inlet 3/4'' / Ø 1/2''
Water outlet DN 50 mm
Water pressure 150-600 kPa / 0.15-0.6 Mpa / 1.5 - 6 bar

Specifications - Electric
Weight 251.5 kg
Mains connection 3 NAC 415 V
Fuse 3 x 63 A
"Dry Heat" output 36 kW
"Stream" output 36 kW

The RATIONAL 2-year warranty

RATIONAL offers you a 2-year warranty* for new RATIONAL units that were installed
after 1. Octobre 2008.
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RATIONAL warranty conditions

In addition to the dealer’s statutory warranty under the contract of sale, Rational AG (herein-after “RATIONAL”) extends to the end customer the following manufacturer’s warranty for this appliance subject to the conditions set forth below and provided that the end customer registers for such warranty at www.rational-online.com or by sending a postcard to Rational AG, Iglinger Str. 62, 86899 Landsberg am Lech, Germany:

1. The warranty period is 24 months from the date of installation of the appliance at the end customer.
2. The end customer shall furnish proof of the installation date and the type of appliance in the form of a written confirmation or an invoice for installation issued by the dealer or distribution partner.
3. During the warranty term RATIONAL shall remedy all defects shown to result from faulty materials or workmanship. Warranty services shall be rendered, at the option of RATIONAL, by way of repair, replacement of defective parts or replacement of the appliance.
4. The performance of warranty services does not trigger an extension of the warranty period, nor does it trigger a new warranty period.
5. Replaced parts shall pass into the ownership of RATIONAL.
6. RATIONAL does not assume any transport costs or risks.
7. The end customer must notify RATIONAL of any damage or defects within 14 days after they were or should have been discovered by sending a notification to the local RATIONAL service partner in his country.
8. The warranty shall not apply to damage resulting from defective installation or unprofessional or improper attempts at repair, work performed by unauthorised third parties, improper use, injudicious operation or non-observance of the instruction manual.
9. The warranty shall not apply to non-compliance with RATIONAL’S installation check list, the installation manual, prescribed maintenance and inspection cycles or where cleaning agents and preservative agents other than those expressly approved by RATIONAL were used. The same applies to defects and damage in connection with use, such as the use of soiled, aggressive water, sub-standard gas or electricity with unsuitable voltage or current. Damage caused by surge is excluded from this warranty.
10. Consumable and expendable parts, such as lamps, seals, etc., as well as damage to glass are not covered by this warranty.
11. Likewise, there shall be no warranty claims for damage and malfunctions caused by the build-up of limescale in the appliance. This does not apply to the SelfCooking Center with CareControl (Index G).
12. Furthermore, the warranty shall not apply to wear and tear of the appliance.
13. Warranty shall be excluded for cases in which replacement or parts other than original RATIONAL parts are used, regardless of whether the damage or defects result there from.
14. The present international warranty is valid worldwide and may be asserted for appliances located in countries in which authorised partners of RATIONAL render warranty services in accordance with these international warranty terms.
15. An obligation to render warranty services shall only exist if the appliance is in compliance with the technical requirements in the country in which the appliance is operated.
16. This warranty extended by Rational AG to the end customer is subject to German law. The District Court of Munich I, Germany, shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all claims arising from and all disputes in connection with this warranty.

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