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The VM 12 chamber vacuum packaging  machine is well known for its  excellent quality and the advanced  technological solutions which it  offers.
It is made entirely out  of stainless steel, both the internal structure and vacuum chamber and  the bodywork.

When designing the vacuum chamber hygiene was one of our main   priorities, hence the presence of internal, rounded corners and a   sealing bar which is easy to remove. Both of these features facilitate   the cleaning of the machine and therefore ensure a hygienic, safe   machine.

The command board on VM 12's vacuum packing machine is electromechanical  or digital, with 10 different programmes, each of  which can be set  independently with different values for vacuum – gas  injection –  sealing. Each command board has a microchip that monitors  the different  functions and each VM 12 can  be equipped with a sensorial  values-control system which allows the  user to set percentage values  for the different functions: vacuum – gas  – sealing.

The VM 12’s  electronic display indicates the number of working hours to  which the  machine has been subjected and shows automatically when  maintenance is  required.
The VM 12 vacuum packing machine can also be supplied with the  ultravacuum  function and is available with different options supplied  on demand.

Each VM 12 is EC certified and complies with the strictest of international standards

Product Description

Vacuum Sealer VM12
8m3/h pump
Chamber size: 290 x 400 x 160
Sealing bar size: 270mm


Voltage: 240V
Power: 0.45kW
Size(mm): 405 x 520 x 370
Weight: 36kg
Origin: Italy

sealing beam:

270 mm

sealing beam 2:

270 mm



power grid voltage:

220-240 V / 50-60 Hz Hz

ultimate vacuum:

2 mbar

rated capacity vacuum pump:

8 mc/h

pump power:

250 W (50Hz) / 300 W (60Hz)

Maximum Power:

450/700 VA

12 Months 

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