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IFM SHC00035 Used Soft Serve Machine

Brand: IFM
Model: SHC00035
Key Features: Removable self-balancing tub lid

Was, $9,000.00 $9,000.00 +gst

The famous Carpigiani pumps ensure a high overrun ice-cream, and the exclusive patented hard-O-Matic system guarantees that the consistency is always just right, regardless of the kind of mix used.

Given that these machines are wheel-mounted and water or air cooled, they can be located and shifted easily, whenever convenient.

Removable self-balancing tub lid.

Thermostatic system to store mix overnight at hygienically ideal overrun.

Carpigiani gear pump, the operator can set, for a high ice-cream overrun.

Thermometer to check the temperature of the mix in the tanks.

Stainless steel cylinders with direct expansion cooling.
Refrigerant gas: R22

High overrun beaters.
Automatic H. O. M system to control ice-cream consistency constantly

Three-tap door made of excellent insulating material with pistons that expel 100% of the ice-cream.
Water or air cooling (optional)

Hygienic swinging tap protection
Wheels for moving the machine easily.

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