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Pressure fryers use controlled low pressure for faster cooking at
lower temperatures. This method seals in the food’s moisture and
natural juices while sealing out excess shortening for healthier,
bettertasting,hot fresh food.
The Henny Penny PFE-561pressure fryer offers additional capacity
with the same footprint, design and performance features as our
standard electric fryer.

–  The PFE-561 cooks up to 18 lbs. (8.2 kg) of food per load from five
    square feet of floor space.
–  Choice of Computron™ 8000 control or electro-mechanical control
     with time and temperature dials. Please specify when ordering.
–  Built-in filtration system extends shortening life at optimal levels.

Computron 8000TM control

–  Large 16-character digital display with multiple language settings.
–  Automatic or manual idle, melt cycles.
–  10 programmable cook cycles.
–  Automatic load compensation.
–  Programmable on/off pressure.
–  Optional filter enforcement.
–  Temperature display in °F or °C.
–  Cook Cycle Usage Summary.
–  Programmable user password.
–  Daily statistics for past 7 days.
–  Monitors amps supplied to heating elements.

Main Features

–  High volume cooking, compact footprint.
–  Stainless steel rectangular fry pot promotes more even cooking.
–  Built-in filtration system.Cast aluminum alloy lid.
–  Heavy duty lid hinge, spring and front lid latch.
–  Color keyed locking spindle engages pressure seal.
–  Patented design keeps lid locked until pressure drops to 1 psi.
–  Automatic pressure release valve.
–  Baffled exhaust stack.
–  Channel underneath lid directs condensation away from hot
   shortening when lid is raised.
–  Raised edge on fryer top catches spills.
–  Cook cycle completion signal.
–  Choice of start-up filter media:
(2) SUPERSORB® filter pads OR
(2) Carbon pad filter envelopes OR
(2) Non-woven carbon filter envelopes OR
(2) PHT filter envelopes
–  Operator’s manual

Options & Accessories Available:

–  Heavy duty casters (2 locking)
–  Filter pan dolly
–  Rinse hose attachment
–  Full size basket and handle
–  Half-size baskets and handles
–  Accessories kit containing scraper,brushes, lube, and wrench for
    cleaning and maintaining fryer


Clearances : Sides and back: 6 in. (152 mm)
Floor Space: 5 sq. ft. (.46m2)
Capacity :   Product 18 lbs. (8.2 kg)
                    Shortening 69 lbs. (31.3 kg)
Heating Format: Electric immersion, 11.25 kW
Pressure : Operating pressure: 12 psi.
                   Safety valve setting: 14.5 psi.
Shipping Weight : 325 lbs. (147 kg)
Shipping Cube Dimensions : L x W x H: 44½ x 21¾ x 56 in.
                                                (1.13 x 0.55 x 1.42 m)
Listings : UL, CUL, UL EPH
Electrical :









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Equipment sold by J.L.Lennard Food Equipment carries the following warranty:

Spare Parts 24 Months

Callout 12 Months

Labour 12 Months

Replacement Spare Parts 3 Months

Replacement Spare Parts Callout 3 Months

Replacement Spare Parts Labour Nil

Callout includes up to one hour travel time, additional travel time will be charged at standard rates.

Labour warranty is covered up to the maximum time specified by Henny Penny in the Repair Time Guidelines.

When the time on site exceeds the specified Repair Time Guidelines the customer will be charged for all

additional time at standard rates.

Warranty is available during normal service hours of 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Work performed

outside these hours will attract penalty rates.

Waiting time or return trips because the technician is prevented by store personnel from beginning work on arrival will be charged. It is expected that the technician will be allowed to complete all work at the time of the visit. If the repair is rescheduled for completion on a second visit then the first visit will not be covered under warranty.

Before a technician is dispatched to the customer location is it expected that the customer will be available to

speak with a technician over the phone to diagnose the problem and the nature of the repair required.

Failure of any parts within the ODS-300 Oil Discard Shuttle caused by operators pumping oil out of the

ODS at a temperature higher than 38°C is not covered under warranty.


Operator error

Training other than at installation

Damage caused by misuse, neglect, lack of cleaning, electrical spikes, lightning strikes

Failure caused by not replacing a consumable spare part

Problems with utilities such as gas or electricity

Product loss or spoilage

Calibrations and adjustments

Cleaning and lubrication

Replacement of fuses, light globes or o-rings

Resetting of hi-limit & pump motor resets

Draining issues


Henny Penny will replace any frypot that fails due to manufacturing or workmanship
issues for a period of up to seven years from manufacture. This warranty shall not
cover any frypot that fails due to any misuse or abuse, such as heating of the frypot
without shortening.

0 – 3 Years: During this time, any frypot that fails due to manufacturing or workmanship
issues will be replaced at no charge for parts, labour or freight. Henny penny will either
install a new frypot at no cost or provide a new or reconditioned replacement fryer at no cost.

3 – 7 Years: During this time, any frypot that fails due to manufacturing or workmanship
issues will be replaced at no charge for the frypot only. Any freight charges and labour
costs to install the new frypot as well as the cost of any other parts replaced, such as
insulation, thermal sensors, high limits, fittings and hardware, will be the responsibility
of the owner.

Warranty Terms

Recall A recall is a second call to fix a problem not fixed on the first visit. The second callout
is not charged but the labour is.

Spare Parts Recall 1. If a spare part is included in minimum required van stock,
is not in the van and the technician needs to return to the warehouse for the spare part,
we do not charge for a
second callout or travel but do charge labour.

2. If a spare part is not included in the minimum required van stock and the
technician needs to return to the warehouse, we do not charge a second callout
but do charge for travel and labour.

Consequential Spare Parts Spare parts replaced as a consequence of another
spare part failing. eg gas when a compressor fails. Consequential spare parts
replaced are the responsibility of the customer and will be charged.

Replacement Spare Part Spare parts purchased or fitted under warranty carry
a 3 month replacement warranty. The part and replacement callout will be supplied
free of charge,the labour to fit the replacement part will be charged. Replacement
spare parts supplied within the warranty period carry the balance of the machine
warranty or the replacement part warranty,whichever is the greater.

Replacement Callout The callout charge to fit a replacement part.

Replacement Labour The labour charge to fit a replacement part.

Labour Rates Work performed outside of warranty will attract standard labour rates,
a copy of the current rates is attached.

I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above warranty terms and conditions.

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