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Frymaster GF14SD 17-22 Litres Full Pot Gas Fryer

Brand: Frymaster
Model: GF14SD
Key Features: 397W x 784D x 1044H

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Full pot gas fryer with stainless steel frypot and stainless steel door enamel cabinet side and continuous pilot ignition. Shortening capacity of 17-22 litres. Cannot be used with a Filter Magic System. STANDARD FINISH: Stainless steel door, enamel cabinet and stainless steel legs.

Specifically designed for all‐purpose frying The GF14
has a minimum 15 litres and maximum 20 litres
shortening capacity. The frying area is 305 x 381
mm. This 105.5mj model is specifically designed for
all‐purpose frying and produces 30kg of French fries
per hour ‐‐ from frozen to done. The Master Jet
burner has no burner tube radiants to burn out; no
burner cleaning or air shutter adjustment is
The open frypot has a large heat transfer area to fry
more product per load and has no hard‐to‐clean
tubes. Every inch of the frypot and cold zone can be
cleaned and wiped down by hand. The large cold
zone catches crumbs and sediment from the frying
area. These particles are trapped in the cold zone
where they do not carbonize, contaminate
shortening or cling to fried products. The GF14 uses
a millivolt temperature control circuit.


  • 17 litre capacity
  • 105.5mj input
  • Open‐pot design, no tubes, easy to clean
  • Millivolt controls
  • Deep cold zone, 1‐1/4 in. (32 mm) IPS ball‐type drain valve
  • Master Jet burner
  • Stainless steel door standard


  •  Frypot cover
  • Sediment Tray
  • Fryer’s friend clean‐out rod
  • Screen‐type basket support
  • Fishplate
  • 152 mm casters
  • Full size basket in lieu of twin baskets
  • Piezo igniter kit



Dimensions: 397W x 784D x 1044H
Weight: 69kgs
Energy: 105.5mj


12 Month Warranty

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