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Food warmers and holding stations are optional accessories that can beused with Frymaster spreader cabinets and fryers to maintain optimaltemperature of prepared food. Food Warmers are available separately tofitexisting Frymaster spreader cabinets.

The rectangular food warmer produces an 457mm heat pattern over theentire length of the unit to keep cooked food at optimal temperature withradiant heat to assure peakflavor without cooking or drying. The shell ismanufactured with durable aluminum alloys and is easy to clean. “ON/OFF” toggle switch, and a 1.8 M cordset are mounted in the shell. Mountingbrackets and hardware are provided for installation.

These units can be used with either the cafeteria-style pan with meshscreen or with the perforated, curved scoop pan for quick, easy serving.

*Frymaster food warmers and holding stations are not free standing. --must order with a Frymaster spreader cabinet.


Food Warmer:

• Durable 154 x 603 mm aluminum alloy housing construction, easy to clean
• 750W radiant heat
• Ceramic heating element with wire guard
• “ON/OFF” toggle switch on front• 1.8 M cord

Holding Stations:
• Stainless steel cafeteria pan, 305 x 508 x 64 mm with mesh screen
• Scoop-type, perforated pan, 343 x 470 x 133 mm


External:397W x 799D x 1168H mm (H55, OCF Gas, PMJ35, PMJ45)
397W x 786D x 1152H mm (RE, OCF Electric)
529W x1013D x 1172H mm (MJCF, MJCFE)

Food warmer: 154W x 603D x 64H mm

Cafeteria-style holding pan: 305W x 508D x 64H mm
Scoop-style holding station: 343W x 470D x 133H mm

Clearance:Locate heat lamp no closer than 76 mm to a side wall and420mm above aflammable surface

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