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Superior technology for boiling, frying, deep frying…

  • in a single unit
  • three times as fast
  • 40% less energy

With the VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY®, FRIMA has developed a totally new and revolutionary technological concept for the professional kitchen. Rediscover the pleasure of cooking. Freeyourself from stress and routine and focus on what really matters. Creative cooking and happy customers.
VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® - simply cook better!

VarioCooking Control®

Intelligent cooking that works with you

VarioCooking Control® automatically detects the product-specific requirements, the size of the food and the load size. The cooking time and the timings of any necessary manual intervention are calculated individually and constantly adjusted.
Even country-specific eating and cooking habitsare considered. The built-in intelligent cooking -VarioCooking Control® - emits an audiblesignal when you need to turn a steak, for example. The remaining cooking time is displayed.
3.600 times every hour, VarioCooking Control® checks and optimises the cooking process for you and guarantees a perfect result – that can be repeated every time.

FrimaTherm® – the hardest and most efficient pan base now patented

The patented FrimaTherm® base consists of three inseparable steel layers. The steel structure is dimensioned so that the pan base can handle large and very fast thermal stresses perfectly and thousands of times over.
The VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® has the hardest and most scratch-resistant pan base ever..
FrimaTherm® contact layer

The hard, highly corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant top layer optimises cooking quality.
FrimaTherm® central layer

Offers the ideal characteristics with respect to thermal stability and heat transfer to the food.
FrimaTherm® supporting layer

The dimensionally-stable and solid base makes the pan extremely robust.

Perfect cooking overnight

The VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® monitors and controls the cooking processes for you fully automatically and entirely without supervision.
You simply produce your roulade, braised beef, ham or goulash overnight, thus gaining additional production capacity during periods that are normally production-free. And you achieve the optimum results thanks to gentle cooking at the perfectly-matched temperature.

Pressure cooking: cooked to perfection decisively faster

For all types of stew and for firm, boiled vegetables such as beetroot or carrots and other ladled dishes, simply select the relevant symbol button and follow the suggestions from the VarioCooking Control®. That’s it! You can also specify a different result, if you wish.

It has the ideal properties for temperature transfer and ensures maximum precision while cooking. You will benefit from this year after year.

Simply cook better

Fast searing without drawing out juices:

Thanks to VarioBoostTM superior heating power is available at the pan base in just a few seconds. The VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® unit‘s variable power reserve increases the searing capacity by more than 40 % compared to conventional tilting pans. The meat juices do not seep out, which reduces the use of raw ingredients by up to 20 %.
Sensitive products always succeed:

The VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® ensures a perfect cooking result without sticking due to the totally uniform heat distribution. The temperature is precisely maintained to within one degree throughout the cooking process. Even sensitive products are browned to perfection just as you want them without sticking or scorching.

Perfect results with no supervision:

The VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® automatically fills up with water at the push of a button. The heating power of the VarioBoostTM system brings the liquid up to temperature in record time. The VarioBoost‘s power reserve guarantees that energy is always on tap to ensure the required temperature is maintained. You no longer need to stir the food. Your pasta will not stick.
VarioCooking Control®, the built-in cooking intelligence, monitors the cooking process for you and automatically raises the baskets. This means that overcooking is impossible, and spot-on quality without supervision is guaranteed.
Nothing scorches and nothing boils over:

VarioBoost™, the patented heating system for the VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY®, ensures that heat transfer is evenly uniform all over the pan base without heating the pan sides. The thermal energy is transferred sensitively to the product and is constantly monitored by VarioCooking Control® - the built-in cooking intelligence. Milk no longer boils over, nor does it stick or scorch.
Perfect cooking overnight:

The VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® monitors and controls the cooking processes for you fully automatically and entirely without supervision. You simply produce your roulade, braised beef, ham or goulash overnight, thus gaining additional production capacity during periods that are normally production-free. And you achieve the optimum results thanks to gentle cooking at the perfectly-matched temperature.

Lightning fast cleaning and environmental protection included

In terms of both cooking and cleaning, the VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® sets new standards for environmental friendliness.

Perfect cleaning by active dirt prevention

Heat is perfect distributed in the VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY®, limiting the risks of burning food. It can be cleaned effortlessly with just 2 litres of water and with minimal use of standard cleaning agents. This is gentler on your hands and environment friendly. And because you no longer need pots and pans, they don’t have to be cleaned!
Save water while cooking

Water consumption is drastically reduced when cooking in the VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY®. The use of baskets offers potential for massive savings. For example, 40 kg pasta can be cooked in just 50 l water with top quality results. This saves over 70 % water compared to conventional boilers.
(*per pan in the VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® 112)




Number of meals

100 - 300

Working capacity

100 litres

Cooking surface

42 dm²


1,164 mm


914 mm


1100 mm

Height of pan edge

900 mm

Water inlet


Water drain

DN 50 mm

Connected load (electrical)

28,2 kW

Connected load (with Ceran)

30,7 kW


50 A

Sample applications:



300 port./hour


240 /hour

Goulash, searing

12 kg/batch

Goulash, pressure cooking

45 kg/hour

Lentils (dried)

20 kg/batch

Rice (dried)

20 kg/batch

Tagliatelle (dried)

36 kg/hour


60 l/batch

Fries (frozen)

70 kg/hour

Fish sticks (frozen)

1800 /hour

Smoked loin of pork

45 kg


All goods shall be subject to a materials and labour warranty (excluding consumables) for 12 months following delivery, in any case where the goods are found to be defective in materials, manufacture or workmanship. Spare parts will be covered by a minimum of 90 days warranty for replacement parts only. This warranty applies only for the benefit of the customer and is void if installation or operation is not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. Furthermore, all warranty work must be conducted by Comcater staff or their Authorised Service Agents. All warranty calls are to be placed and authorised through our branch offices.

All warranty work will be undertaken in normal working hours from Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm. Penalty rates for after-hours service apply and when charged, the excess between normal hour labour rates and penalty rates will be the customer’s responsibility. Equipment such as PureVac, Server, Antunes/Roundup products and other small equipment are classed as ‘carry in’ items. These items are to be returned to Comcater/Authorised Service Agent workshop for repair. Transport/freight costs to and from the customer for ‘carry in’ items are to be covered by the customer. If the customer requests onsite service (an option always available to the customer) the customer will be charged callout and travelling costs; the labour for warranty repair time on site will be covered by Comcater.

Service work carries a 30 day warranty on workmanship. Penalty rates apply for service work conducted outside of normal working hours Monday-Friday 8am – 4pm.

Exclusions are:

1. Replacement of light bulbs, door gaskets, covers, filters and/or the replacement of glass due to damage of any kind. Routine maintenance, corrections of programs and calibration of unit outside 30 days from installation.

2. Fuses, unless they have blown as the direct result of the failure an internal component of the equipment, as these items can blow due to a power surge or drop.

3. Equipment damage caused by accident, shipping or improper alteration. Damages caused by non-compliance with the manufacturers installations requirements and /or operator manual.

4. Equipment used under conditions of abuse, misuse, application of improper voltage, carelessness or abnormal conditions, including but not limited to, equipment subjected to harsh or inappropriate chemicals, including but not limited to, compounds containing chloride, acids or quaternary salts, poor water quality, or equipment with missing or altered serial numbers.

5. Damage incurred as a direct result of poor water quality, inadequate maintenance of steam generators and/or surfaces affected by water quality.  Water quality and required maintenance of steam generating equipment is the responsibility of the owner/operator. Additionally there shall be no warranty for damage and malfunctions caused by the build-up of limescale in the appliance.

6. Damage caused by use of harsh cleaning agents, including but not limited to damage due to chlorine or other harmful chemicals and the use of hoses and  high pressure cleaners. For proper cleaning procedures please refer to the Operator Manual.

7. Any losses or damage resulting from malfunction, including loss of product, food product, revenue, or consequential or incidental damages of any kind.

8. Equipment modified in any manner from original model, substitution of parts other than factory authorised parts, removal of any parts including legs, or addition of any parts.

9. This warranty also excludes any claims if the unit in question was service by anyone other than Comcater Approved Technicians and /or parts other than original spare parts have been used in repair of the equipment.

10. All warranty work will be undertaken in normal working hours form Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm. Penalty rates for out of hours service, including public holidays apply and the excess between the normal hourly and penalty rates is the customers responsibility and must be agreed to by the customer prior to the work commencing.






EXEMPTIONS:  Refer above.


12 months

12 months


Variocooker with Extended Warranty

24 Months

24 Months

Must Register for extended Warranty. If unit is commissioned this will be done automatically by Comcater.

Parts Replacement


12 months


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