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The “G” series vertical counter-top batch freezers are the right
answer to the operators’ need for a complete and reliable
machine producing quality ice cream and slush in small
quantities and with reduced investments. Together with the
small counter-top display case “Petit Gel” it is possible to
have a small artisan ice cream production with the guarantee
of the Frigomat brand.


  • Freezing cycle with adjustable production timer.
  • Slush cycle with adjustable production timer and
    continuous agitation.
  • Slush cycle with adjustable production timer and
    cyclic agitation, especially suitable for coffee slush.
  • “Temperature preservation” mode to keep the
    product at the right temperature and consistency
    if not immediately dispensed after the batch cycle (G10).
  • Alarm led to avoid product extraction at incorrect temperature.


  • Possibility to add hard pieces - nuts, almonds,
    pistachios, raisin and chocolate for “stracciatella”
    flavour - during the freezing cycle.
  • Recipe book included (G10).
  • High performance steel Cylinder-block vat.
  • Steel agitator with easily removable scrapers.
  • Safety “cut out” magnet on the lid.
  • Tank drain outlet.
  • Limited size and power consumption.

G5 - load per cycle: 1,7 kg; production: 5 kg/h



Load per cycle

Hourly Production


Nominal power






Net weight












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