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- New 2012 Flat Pack Packaging Design
- Easy to assemble two section design
- Designed for easy handling and transport
- Easy swappable top burner for one-to-one service
  replacement to reduce operation disruption
- Easy Upgradable top burner section
- Save on space and transportation
- Colour coded for easy differentiation
  for natural gas and LP-gas models
- Green for natural gas & Red for LP-Gas


• Full Stainless Steel body with 304 grade stainless steel
• Innovative swiveling unit is adjustable so you no longer have to cautiously
   move the kebab back and forth
• Simply push or pull to bring the burner closer to the meat with maximum
   ease and comfort
• Heat shields protect the user and retain heat ensuring an even cook all
   round, every time
• In-built drip tray keeps machine clean and mess free
• Battery operated igniter for hassle free and safe ignition
• Each burner has its own flame failure gas valve with thermocouple
• 2-way bearing system ensures you are not stranded should you experience
   a breakdown, dramatically increasing the quality and ease of using
   the kebab machine
• The new system also means the motor is in-built, eliminating motor
   exposure to heat which is the number one cause of motor failure
• Adjustable non-slip feet to elevate the machine for air circulation of the
   motor and easy cleaning to increase hygiene





Bench Model, Swing-In Design for easy burner-to-meat distance adjustment,

Full Stainless Steel Construction, Flame Failure Safety Sensor installed on all burners,

Advanced ignition system lighting all burners effortlessly at a push of a button,

left & right side guard to retain heat for maximum efficiency,

Large Removable Drip Tray - For easy cleaning



Gas Comptibility

Natural Gas (Aus)/ULPG(P)

Power Supply (Electrical)

240V AC, 50 Hz


2 RPM, 240V, 10A, Gear Driven


12mJ x 4 = 48mJ

Injector Size

4 x 1.65mm


12mJ x 4 = 48mJ

Injector Size

4 x 1.0mm

Dimensions (W x D x H)

540mm x 610mm x 1012mm

Tray Height (A)


Fornt Console (B)


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