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Flexirent MiniLease is the quick and easy leasing solution for a wide range of commercial, industrial and office equipment. Flexirent's MiniLease delivers 100% leasing finance for amounts as low as $1500. Terms cans be three, four or five years. The longer the term, the lower the monthly payment. Simply select the term that suits your budget. It also features mini residuals.

As a finance lease, MiniLease is only available to "commercial users" - sole traders, firms, partnerships, company or government entities can all benefit from MiniLease, as can employees working from home or using goods for work related or income producing purposes. It's also ideal for fitting out an investment property.

The benefits of MiniLease include no deposit required, 100% tax deductible, low monthly payments, quick and easy approvals, mini residuals.


Silver Chef is an Australian owned and operated company established in 1986 to serve the restaurant equipment industry. The success of the rent try buy program has lead to a number of strategic alliances with equipment suppliers in a diverse range of industries whose clients can benefit from a more flexiable and customer friendly approach to equipment finance. With our rent try buy program, if you want to continue renting, we simply continue to reduce the purchase price for you. You can also upgrade your equipment at any time and, if you do decide to purchase, the price just gets cheaper the longer you rent.

Even better, if after the first 12 months, things haven't worked out as you expected, you can hand the equipment back. No questions. No penalties.

The benefits of Silver Chef include fully tax deductible rental payments, upgrade your equipment with no penalties, no director's guarantee, new and reconditioned equipment available, buy at discounted price anytime you like.

To apply for the Silver Chef Rent-Try-Buy Solution, please download our easy one-page application form.

The Silver Chef Rent-Try-Buy Solution

Learn more about the Silver Chef Rent-Try-Buy Solution - please click on the link to download.

The SWIFT Option

Silver Chef now finance everything from Stainless Steel Benching/Shelving and Exhaust Hoods to Custom Made Equipment and POS - please click on the link to learn more.

The Benefits Of Rent-Try-Buy

Gain an understanding of the key benefits of the Rent-Try-Buy Solution and learn about our simple application process - click on the link to download.