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The Comenda GE1255 RCD passthrough utensil washer is reliable and tailored to specific user needs. These high performance machines deliver maximum reliability and hygiene whilst requiring minimum maintenance.

For kitchens and cafeterias the GE1255 RCD passthrough utensil washers are perfect for cleaning pots, pans, containers and bowls of any shape and size.

For butchers, bakeries and food manufacturers, the GE1255 RCD passthrough utensil washers meets specialty requirements to clean those hard to remove stains and grease from bowls, whisks, hooks and pastry bags.


  • Full stainless steel frame, tank and panels
  • Heavy duty stainless steel wash and rinse arms
  • High power wash pumps
  • 620mm wash clearance
  • 4 wash cycles
  • Rinse booster pump standard
  • Dual filter systems
  • Built‐in self‐diagnostics


Dimensions: 1480 W x 1020 D x 1900 H
Connection: 415V, 3 Phase
Energy: 15kW

12 Month Warranty

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