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Our completely modular range of cabinets have become incredibly popular. And whynot? They make great counters, are super strong (tops are reinforced with 10mmboard) and give tons of storage at an affordable price. The cabinets have heaps
of storage. The drawers have heavy-duty runners. The internal shelf is thick and adjustable. The doors slide smoothly. Some have sinks. You can fit out an entire kitchen in a matter of days. Most people go for the indoor model. The
304 grade top is the same as for our normal benches i.e food-grade. The internal shelves and panels are #430 grade (slightly lower nickel contents for those interested in chemistry). Even if placed outside, as long as it is in a covered area and with semi-regular wipe down, these cabinets will be fine. Little Creatures in Fremantle have inadvertently left one outside in the rain,
near the ocean and it still looks great. And the indoor models aresignificantly cheaper than the all 304 grade models.


12 Months Warranty

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