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The need for a smaller dough divider unit was evident, that unit is finally here.

It’s space saving design enables this unit to be utilized within outlets that desire fresh production for it’s clientele, while eliminating the need for expansion to house this machine.
The body is constructed of durable stainless steel, as are all components that come into contact with dough, other than the belt. This ensures hygienic conditions as well as ease of cleaning.
With the option of a variable speed drive, these units are quite possibly the most versatile and user friendly dough dividers available. Just dial-in the desired speed. The CGU—4000 can produce a conservative 3,600 consistent pieces per hour. An amazing feat for such a small unit.

To accommodate different sizes, simply change the belt, housing and mandrill. Executed properly, this change takes only minutes to complete!
The CGU—4000 is able to produce up to 4000 pieces per hour
The Single and Dual Dividers can be coupled with a moulder or they may also be used exclusively as cutting and weighing machines.
Although the Dividers are ruggedly built and are able to endure countless shifts with ease, they are however, able to gently cut and weigh high gluten content dough without breaking down interior dough fibres. This advantage translates into a superior end product.

These are versatile dividers that can be coupled to a variety of product applications. Built to withstand the rigors of the worlds markets, all dividers are built Heavy Duty and utilize top-line quality components to endure harsh environmental conditions.


Cinelli CGU 4000/8000

Dough Weight Range

45g — 700g (approx) Dough dependant


Variable. Max, 6000 pieces / hour.


Approx 340kg


415V 3 Phase, 1.09 Kw

LxWxH cm

254 x 64 x 140

Manufactured totally in Stainless Steel


The products are warranted by Australian Bakery and Pizza-Atlas to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Australian Bakery and Pizza-Atlas, during the period of the warranty, will at its option and subject to the conditions stated herein, repair or replace without charge the product or any component part, which upon examination by an Authorised Service Agent or by the Australian Bakery and Pizza-Atlas is found to be defective.

Not covered under warranty

Normal wear parts, consumables, components or service required when performing normal and regular maintenance of this product are not covered by warranty unless it is found to be defective by an Authorised Service Agent or by the Company

Items Not Covered
Belts Globes
Chains Door & Window Seals
Oils & Lubricants General Service
Sheeter Belts Glass

Warranty exclusions

Australian Bakery and Pizza-Atlas, its distributors or dealers as the case may be, will use the following criteria in determining warranty eligibility. If the product exhibits any of the following exclusions, the product will be void of warranty and may result in the product being returned to customer freight collect:

  • Evidence of environmental damage (corrosion or staining).
  • Defects or damage arising from mishandling during transportation.
  • Defects from normal wear and tear.
  • Defects from using the product other than as recommended in documentation.
  • Defacing the product or removal of manufacturer labels.
  • Damage during installation or removal, even if accidental.
  • Abuse, unreasonable use, mistreatment or neglect.
  • The use of any non-Australian Bakery and Pizza-Atlas parts.
  • Service or modification by anybody not authorised by Australian Bakery and Pizza-Atlas or its appointed representative.
  • Maintenance of any attachments or associated equipment or components which are not supplied by Australian Bakery and Pizza-Atlas.
  • Any electrical or other environmental work external to the product.
  • Product that Australian Bakery and Pizza-Atlas determines to have been previously rejected, stolen or scrapped.
  • Product damaged by lightning, power surges or other natural phenomenon.

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